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Guiding hunts since 2012

Welcome to Elk Ventures!

Your official elk hunting outfitter for New Mexico.

Family friendly outfit catering to serious and first-time hunters.  Our experienced guides will get you up close and personal with mature bull elk.

We are proud members of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) and believe in the conservation and preservation of all elk herds along with their habitat.

Hunting is a great way to help preserve the herds.


Deadline for New Mexico Big Game draw is March 21, 2018

“As a first time hunter, I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing experience and the incredible elk that you found for me.  Duane and Steve provided me with an excellent hunting adventure!!!  I highly recommend Elk Venture’s guiding services!”

Happy Elk Hunters and Guide

Jeremy Reed 2013


“Elk Ventures got the job done!  I could only hunt 3 days of my hunt and came home with a freezer full of meat. Thanks, Duane! I had an awesome time!”

Robbie Burdsal 2014


“My dad and I met Duane while on our elk hunt in New Mexico and were immediately impressed by his willingness to share his elk hunting knowledge complete strangers, like us.  His passion for elk hunting was very apparent and we knew we’d be applying with Elk Venture’s DIY hunt the following year.  Luckily, my Dad drew the tag again and with some guidance and tips from Duane he arrowed this awesome bull! His first elk ever!”


“I came from Colorado and was looking to get a big bull.  Duane scouted his tail off and found me an awesome hole.  I shot this great bull!  Thanks Elk Ventures!   Lots of great memories.”

Dallas Overholt 2016


I want to thank elk ventures for the hard work they put into finding elk. Duane, Veronica and Steve are top notch”.

Dave Kelley 2016



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