About Us

Elk Ventures is a family friendly outfitter catering to serious and first-time hunters.  Our experienced guides will get you up close and personal with mature bull elk. We will work hard to get you that trophy bull and make your New Mexico hunt an exciting and memorable trip.

What to expect from an Elk Ventures Hunt Camp.
First and foremost, we are your guides and will get you to and from the hunt areas.

We will provide your meals (the food is good but nothin’ fancy) and a place to sleep.
All you need to do is bring your clothes (camo), gun or bow, toiletries, sleeping bag and a good hunting attitude.

We also have an economical DIY hunt for the experienced hunter. (See our bookings page)

Elk Ventures Accommodations:

Whenever possible we hunt from our base camp using a travel trailer/toy hauler.
Allowing for hot showers, bathroom, beds, and a roof over our heads.

When necessary, we are equipped to do a “spike camp” using tents when the bulls are too remote for our base camp.


Base Camp




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