We were in the middle of them and they were on fire…

Bugling, crashing antlers, and the thrashing of bushes!
This was our chance,  Quinton (12) was on his first Archery Bull hunt and couldn’t believe his eyes and ears!  By the look on his face, I knew that he now understood our passion for hunting elk during the rut.

We got set up and commenced to calling, Quinton was ready with his heart pounding in anticipation.  Just moments later, a beautiful 350 bull came in within shooting distance.  Unfortunately, Duane had to tell Quinton to stand down because he knew that the poundage on his bow wouldn’t allow him to make the kill shot.

When the morning hunt was over,  Quinton didn’t get the bull, but he still had a huge smile on his face…we all did!  This was hunting at it’s best. The big bull got away, it wasn’t his time to go. The memory and feeling of that hunt will be with all of us forever!

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Quinton, Veronica and Duane

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